Are You Right for Us?


…is in search of personal or professional growth, mental & physical wellness, or success in any area of your life.

…feels that the traditional once per week therapy model is NOT sufficient to get you where you want to go.

…is looking for accountability, support, guidance, and/or direction in an effort to achieve a specific goal or outcome.

…is feeling unfulfilled and wants to make a change but does not know what to change, or how to move forward.

…feels stuck and uncertain of how to get from where they are, to where they want to be.

…is undergoing a major life transition.

…wants to live happily ever after but can’t quite figure out how to get there.

…is uncertain and/or stuck at a crossroads and would like support through the decision making process.

…is in recovery from an illness, mental or medical, and would like to expedite the process of healing further.

…is a mental health, or wellness professional who wants to develop themselves further personally and/or professionally.

…is a mental health or medical professional in need of a way to support clients outside of the office, in their daily lives, providing skills training, additional support, direction, and accountability.

And Breathe Consulting is right for your company or organization if

…you are organization looking to integrate a wellness culture, prioritizing health, happiness, efficiency, & optimal performance within your organization.

…you are organization looking to reduce stress, and increase the effectiveness and productivity of your work force.

…you are looking to support your leadership team with Mindfulness tools to enhance and optimize performance.

…you are a mental health agency looking to integrate a wellness component into your program and are uncertain of the best approach to suit your needs.

…you are a school or organization looking to incorporate Mindfulness tools, yoga, & meditation practices into you curriculum.

…you are looking to train your staff to tach others mindfulness principles, and tools adding these skills in the work they are already doing.