Our Services

Each of our services are offered individually or as part of a more comprehensive package. Services, and wellness packages are personalized to meet our client’s specific needs, goals, and lifestyle preferences.

Assessment & Evaluations

We don’t use a one size fits all approach. Our objective is to understand who you are, how you are, and how you live. We work hard to build the best possible plan, including the services that are necessary to meet you where you are now, while also mindful of where it is that you want to be. This is an important part of the process of helping client’s achieve their personal and professional goals in a fast, effective, and sustainable way. Knowing our client’s individual quirks, motives, preferences, circumstances, prior experiences, and lifestyle, is an important aspect of the process. In other words if change doesn’t fit for you, it is not sustainable and will not stick.

WE offer three types of assessments: Basic, Lifestyle, & Biomechanical.

Once our assessment process is completed we return to you an analysis, a plan, acknowledging areas of difficulty, and suggesting how to move ahead from here. Clients can choose to move forward with our support, direction, and guidance or to go it on their own!

**Those struggling with medical challenges, or who are interested in achieving weight loss goals, may be asked to participate in further testing while working with our Bio-Individuality & Integrated Wellness team.

One on One MBCBT Consulting Sessions

At the heart of everything we do is a unique group of well trained therapists who also have extensive training in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and integrated health. Their experience working in mental health for over 15 years and their in-depth training in mindfulness teachings have positioned them to understand the in-depth inner workings of change. Using a directive, and supportive style called MBCBT, consultants guide clients through the change process.

Using a combination of tools & strategies adapted from psychology, neurobiology, sociology, and some of the world’s most ancient teachings, consultants drive clients’ individualized plan for change, and support through every phase of the process This strategy ensures clients develop the level of consistency that is required to achieve what it is they want most. The purpose of their work is to empower client’s to change how they interact in their lives each day.

Clients have 24/7 access to their consultant encouraged to reach out as often as needed. Engagements with one of our MBCBT Consultants typically last atlas 3 months.

** Note this service is available via face to face, phone, or video conference.

Integrated Wellness Coaching

No matter how big, or small, change is challenging! We all know for example that diet & exercise are the keys to weight loss, and yet there are an estimated 160 million Americans overweight. Our habitual nature, while at times helpful to us, can pose serious challenges to our change efforts. It is what makes even the slightest attempt to do something different, or new, feel so difficult. Working with a trained integrated wellness coach is meant to offer a solution to exactly this problem. They can be make the difference between spinning your wheels eternally, and making real change happen right now!

Our coaches work with clients in their homes, at the gym, in the grocery store, etc., wherever it is that the client needs, in order to offer accountability, guidance, & support in a real world setting.

Mindfulness Coaching

Although mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word these days, mindfulness teachings go back to the beginning of recorded human history, can be spotted in almost every major religion, and can be found in some of psychology’s most extensively researched methods of treatment (Learn about Marsha Linehan’s DBT here). The benefits & potential found in mindfulness teachings are truly boundless! Mindfulness coaching helps to eliminate fear, doubt &worry, sharpen mental clarity & focus, reduce stress, eradicate negative thinking & emotion, and to increase a sense of happiness and wellbeing. We use mindfulness as a tool to overcome obstacles once thought impossible.

Working with a Mindfulness Coach, clients learn to slow down, and implement what they’re learning in sessions with their consultants into their day to day lives. Whether you are new to mindfulness & meditation or a seasoned pro, working with a Mindfulness Coach is a way to help client’s learn to harness & use their ultimate power…their mind! Even if you have no prior experience with mindfulness or can’t stand to sit quietly, no problem! Many of our clients begin with us saying that they “can’t, or that they “Don’t like” meditation. Working as a team alongside their coach, clients learn to make mindfulness work for them in a way that is both comfortable & effective.

  • Note this service is available via face to face, phone, or video conference.

Bio-Mechanics, Bio-Hacking, & Integrated Nutrition

The most logical approach to health & wellness, biohacking is the health & wellness standard of the future. Originally only accessible to elite athletes to maximize performance, biomechanics uses scientific analysis to determine what our unique mind & body needs are to function at our very best! Understanding that each one of us have a different genetic blue print, ancestry, history, & lifestyle, that impact who we are and how we are, an integrated nutrition approach means that we determine the needs of each client individually before making recommendations for change in your daily diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, etc.,. Biohacking teaches us to optimize the functioning of our mind & body to adequately set the stage for us to achieve at the highest levels possible. With as many different types of unique blue prints as their are people on earth, its no wonder why a one size fits all approach never works!

  • Note this service is available via face to face, phone, or video conference.

Mindful Movement Specialists

Think about how often you've exercised while also doing something else simultaneously. Maybe you've gone to the gym and been on the elliptical machine or exercise bike while reading your email, or walked on the treadmill while watching the news or reality tv? Maybe you typically go for a morning run and spend the time thinking through your to-do list for the rest of the week? Mindful Fitness is the opposite of your typical gym or exercise experience. Our Mindful Movement experts are extensively trained in alignment, motivation, the mind and body relationship and the foundations of movement. Our trainers work alongside the rest of your team to ensure your goals are being supported by every phase of your professional team to guarantee goal attainment. This change in how we focus supports the health & healing of our mind as well as our physical body. This service can be delivered 1:1 or with a group, and may be offered alone or as part of a more comprehensive regiment, package, or training.


The 8 Limbs of Yoga can be used as a handbook for life, or just a weekly power workout. With most of our team certified as yoga instructors by Yoga Alliance, And Breathe can’t help but bring yoga philosphy, and yoga poses (called asanas) into many aspects of our work with clients. We have found from our personal and professional experiences that developing a yoga practice is a fast & effective way to train our crazy stressed out nervous systems to behave much differently. We use yoga to develop awareness of our internal chatter, to help clients find the moment, to develop the use of breath work, and to most importantly teach the alignment of mind and body. From discipline to strength training, and everything in between, the benefits and gifts from yoga truly are never ending.

Yoga is offered as private instruction and/or group led classes. Instruction for children is also available.

**Note our instructors range in style from traditional Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow.

Our Packages

After years of supporting clients in achieving their desired outcomes we have the great advantage of knowing what works, and knowing what doesn’t! Whether you are after happiness, success, weight loss, financial improvement, or are feeling stuck and unsure of what comes next, we are confident we can help you make huge leaps ahead!

For those unsure of what they want, our team has taken the time to to identify themes from working with past clients. All packages include individual consulting, 24/7 access to your consultant, mindfulness coaching, mindful movement, and additional services based on your specific needs.

Getting to Happy

Although we are promised the pursuit of happiness we have not bee taught how to be happy. Most of us attempt to find happiness through climbing the ladder to greater and greater achievement. We think “When I graduate from college, get married, lose the weight, find a better job, make more money…then I will be happy”. More often than not the word happiness has become synonymous with desire, getting what we want. We think, “If we could just get the people, places, and things in our lives to do, or be the way we want them to be, then we could be happy”. What we have failed to notice however, is that time and time again as soon as we achieve, or get what we want, we almost instantly have turned out attention to wanting something else. It turns out in fact with good reason…this is the design! It is our nature to always want more! This is wha evolution is all about!

The problem is we have confused getting what we want, desire, with happiness. Happiness is simply a state of mind, a state of being. Getting what we want may take time, effort, money, but a state of being can be achieved at any time, regardless of circumstances. We do not have to wait for the circumstances to improve to feel better. We can have that right now.

The main purpose of this package is not to convince you that what you have is enough, or to shame you for wanting things. We want you to want things, and we believe you are capable of getting all that you desire. The purpose of this package is to teach you how to separate your feelings from your circumstances, and to therefore empower you to improve the way you feel day to day, and then to set you on the path to achieving all that you desire.

JPEG image-A08EF31C7EDE-1.jpeg


In a culture where success reins as our top priority, it is difficult not to look around comparing oneself to the successes or failures of others. Our success package is really designed for those who are tired of feeling like they are coming up short! Although it may be easy to point the finger at situations and circumstances out of our control to explain why we’ve come up short, we’re only interested in the parts that we do have control over!

Having researched extensively what successful people have in common, the truth of the matter is our biggest barrier to our success is usually ourselves! Right under our noses we’ve developed habits of thought, emotion, and behavior that are intercepting our chances at success. The saddest part of all, most of us are totally unaware of how we undermine ourselves, and have no idea what to do to change it.

That is where we come in! Working with the right team, we help you uncover the old patterns that are creating this “glass ceiling”, and replace them with new habits that will set you up for success.

**Note in addition to the status quo, services may include experts in finance, and career coaching.

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SpirItUal Awakening

Although Mindfulness can be used as a tool to enhance performance, and fulfill many of our desires, mindfulness is a spiritual state of being, It is a tool to cultivate connection, and trust, strengthen our relationship with ourselves, and enhancing our ability to explore something greater than ourselves. This package is designed to take you on a journey. We will explore some of the most important questions you have about life, death, love, truth, spirit, and the true nature of the human experience. Our objectives are to build a strong spiritual foundation regardless of ones’s religious affiliations, to develop a routine spiritual practice, to utilize discipline as a spiritual principle & tool for change, to restore a sense of trust and faith in self and beyond, to foster a deep sense of connectedness, and to find a place of inner peace.


Weight management

Unfortunately there are as many conflicting messages about how to approach managing our weight as there are those with a desire to lose weight. Knowing the struggle intimately ourselves we know that conquering a weight loss battle or struggle with food, body image, and disordered eating, does not include cutting out bread or a New Years resolution to go back to the gym. The road to permanent change in the body requires first a permanent shift of the mind.

The package begins with a comprehensive assessment of motivation, mental & physical health, daily habits, history, and lifestyle preferences. The assessment may include more extensive testing if necessary. Our weight management package will give you all the tools you need to change your relationship with food & exercise. We will confront what hasn’t worked, and replace it with all that will. In addition to working with your consultant to identify specific negative habits and patterns, we will put together the best wellness team on the planet to make sure the change not only happens, but sticks!

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Living in a “Go, Go,Go!” culture comes with serious consequences for millions of people. We are working harder, taking on more, and recharging much much less. No longer are the days of waking up at sunrise and winding down at dusk! For many of us we are just getting started once the kids go to bed at night! In fact some estimates suggest 70% of doctor visits, and 80% of serious illnesses may be exacerbated or linked to stress (according to the National Counsel on Strength & Fitness)! Learn more about the effects of stress here.

Unlike other animals in nature, human beings can produce a stress response in the body from thoughts alone. Worrying about money, work, relationships, or even what we’re going to make for dinner, can produce the same reaction in the body as being chased by a bear or lion. Although many of us sense that too much stress in not healthy, often are only strategies for coping with it are just as unhealthy as the stress itself.

All living beings are designed to handle a certain amount of stress. In fact 15 minutes or so of a stress reaction is even healthy, as long as it is followed by a period of rest and recharging. Most of us however stay stressed far longer and more frequently than what is good for us. Without the proper rest or recharging time to properly heal from the stress response, our body and mind never quite recover.

The true problem then lies in the chronic nature of our worry. When worrying about the future, or replaying negative experiences of the past, we are not only activating our stress response, we are creating a habit of thinking, and feeling that becomes an automated part of our daily routine. Too many wake up every morning over whelmed with fear, dreading the day ahead, only to go to bed at night almost the same way.

This package is designed to change all of that, eliminating the habit of stress, once and for all!

**If appropriate this package may include the use of EMDR administered by a trained, and certified professional.

uncertainty and life transitions.jpeg

Uncertainty & Life Transitions

We all go through times in our lives where things just don’t go as planned. Maybe something happens that we don’t expect, or nothing has happened and yet we feel stuck in some way, uncertain, and unable to move forward. During times of uncertainty we can easily feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, and lose touch with who we are, and what we care about most. Whether it's academic or career changes, relationship transitions, or consciously planning for retirement, Whether we are faced with something wanted, such as the birth of a child, or unwanted, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a medical challenge, or are just feeling stuck at a crossroads, this is a time where guidance, support, and direction can be particularly valuable to us all.

Despite what we might be struggling through times such as these can become our biggest opportunities. Working with us, we can help you to leverage these important transitions to come out stronger, more confident, and with more clarity than you’ve ever had before. This package consist of working with a consultant one on one, utilizing mindfulness tools and techniques. mindful movement, and a team of wellness pros ready to help you ground your new vision for the future into reality!


Strength & Performance

Athletes are the Roman gladiators of our modern era. We idolize them for their power, strength, poise, grace, presence, physic, commitment, discipline, and ability to perform under pressure. Although it is true that these are the best of the best, among the elite at their craft, and often seemingly super human in their ability, how they arrived at the level of success they have achieved is not rocket science. Athletes have tremendous advantages that the rest of us do not, and there is much to be gleaned from their knowledge and experience.

Our Strength and Performance package has been designed to leverage all that we have learned from Sports Psychology! Whether you are looking for the body of your dreams, to improve your performance at the office, on stage, in school, or in any other area of your life, we will support you in becoming the absolute best version of you possible!