How Do We Differ From Therapy?

Although we are therapists by training, and there is tremendous therapeutic value in the work we do, the experience you will have with us is anything but your typical therapy experience. After working in the field for 20 years, I often found myself frustrated, struggling with how limited I felt the traditional therapeutic process could be. It always felt a little silly to think that seeing someone once a week for less then one hour, could actually create any kind of significant and meaningful difference in one’s life. I always thought, “What about the other 167 hours of the week?” It wasn’t however until I became obsessed with understanding the mind/body relationship that I came to know just how silly it really it.

For some therapy is not about change, it is about the relationship. It is about being heard, being supported, being listened to. It is about dumping out feelings and thoughts. It is about seeming just a little bit lighter every time you leave the therapists office. Its about feeling safe with at least that one person who you can tell anything to without fear of judgement. This is who therapy will benefit most!

For others however, it is not enough to just walk away with a little nugget of insight here and there…to just feel a little better that afternoon. They are looking for something more…looking to really change & grow their lives! They are sick of spinning their wheels…sick of reading self help books, or searching for a new thing, person, place, job, hobby, to try and “fix” it all for them.

And Breathe was created & designed for those who are sick of feeling stuck… sick of feeling like life is not the way they hoped, just trying to get by, sick of feeling stuck in a “less then” mentality, sick of feeling like nothing is enough, nothing is working, wanting to take their lives to the next level but not having any idea how! sick of feeling like their lives are not good enough… how they look, how they feel…

…to end our suffering…to change how we feel, how we once, and to get what we want once and for all!


It all started when…

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