Deepening Our Understanding

Outside of our conscious awareness the brain is busy making sense of the world around us. It never stops interpreting new data from the world outside and integrating that information into our preexisting understanding of what and how things are. The combination of our pre-existing beliefs, and our patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior is what forms our personality, our unique perspectives & experience of life. 

When we feel stuck, lost, uncertain, dissatisfied, sad, anxious, etc., and are unable to bring ourselves out of it, we have unknowingly adopted a bad habit, or have automated a pattern or patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are negatively impacting our ability to enjoy our lives. Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga is all about correcting these "bad habits".  Below are some resources, articles, affiliations, etc., that may help to shed further light on the effectiveness of these interventions. 



Over the last 18 years Mindfulness has gone from an ideal to a standard in psychological practice. As a result we now have access to a number of empirically sound measurement tools that open the floodgates to countless research studies showing us the impacts of mindfulness on health and happiness. 



The benefits of meditation are extraordinary. From analyzing the brains of long term meditators such a Buddhist Monks to the brain scans of those with only a few hours of meditation experience we learn that the impacts of meditation far surpass anything we could even begin to imagine. The research is fascinating and producing remarkable evidence to the benefits of meditation!



With the popularity of yoga rapidly increasing there is a whole new body of scientific research legitimizing claims yogis have been making for thousands of years. From releasing tension & relieving stress to healing the body, and improving mental acuity we're only at the beginning of truly understanding the depths of yoga's return on our investment.

Resources, Articles, & Additional Research

More Research on Meditation

The latest research on the benefits of meditation will blow you away. There is far more evidence than we have the ability to present here however we’ve taken what has stood out to us to share with you!

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