If you are like so many of us, the the majority of your time and attention is spent frustrated, exhausted, anxious…overwhelmed and drowning in a critical mind. Fear of failure, defeat, anger, injustice…focused on all the ways we are not perfect or things around us are not the way we want them to be, it begins to feel impossible. Whether it’s worrying about bills and money, feeling alone or tired, unfulfilled or unsuccessful, unattractive or unworthy, like things haven’t worked out the way we hoped, or afraid things will never work out the way we want…we can find ourselves chasing happy. On a never ending search for the right change in our circumstances to bring us the sense of happiness…peace…freedom, we truly want. Maybe we’ve tried career changes, pursued further education, different love relationships, a change in scenery, or became disheartened turned to food, sex, alcohol & drugs, Netflix, sports, social media, television, or all of the above, all in search of the illusory state of happy. The sad truth of the matter is no matter what the case may be, no matter how big, small, great, or terrible things may be, it is only a matter of time before we wake up again with that feeling of needing or wanting something else.

We are in the midst of a cultural epidemic! Lack of fulfillment, chronic stress, worry, judgement, negative thinking, and dissatisfaction are considered by many to be "Just the way life is". Too often we are waking up not wanting to face the day ahead, or laying awake at night worrying about all of the problems tomorrow might bring. Our challenge is really a bi product of widespread cultural ignorance. Although we may be promised the pursuit of happiness, we simply have not been taught how to live happily. We are taught how to read, write, how to brush our teeth, to play nice with others, to count, to dance…to do just about everything else, yet no one is taught how to be happy?

The reason we are not taught how to be happy is quite simple. Our ancestors and theirs had not figured out how to do it themselves. With no intentional strategy we are vulnerable to overwhelming messages from social media, the billion dollar a year advertising industry, media messages, friends, & poor family models. What we wind up with is a conditional happiness, the“If…then strategy. That is, to chase happiness by trying to get something we want, get someone to do what we want, or by climbing a ladder of greater and greater achievements. We think, "If I found a lover, lost 10 pounds, had a nicer car… if she would just stop drinking, people learned how to drive, he just paid more attention to me… I graduate from college, made more money, get promoted...then I would be happy'".

The problem with this conditional happiness however is it simply does not work. It may bring a short term burst of good feeling but it does not give us the fulfillment, feeling of ease, or satisfaction we hope it will. The reason is simple, we are not built that way! The moment we get what we want, we are designed to turn our attention to wanting something else. A byproduct of simply being human!

After years of studying mental health & wellness, researching, and exploring all that we can find on the topics of happiness & change, we finally have answers! We are learning that the secret to happiness and achieving all that we want in our lives, is actually really simple...put happiness first, and then everything else falls into place. 

Regardless of what you want from life, or which package or services you choose in working with us, finding happiness right now will always be one of our main objectives be it for you, your employees, or your clients. 

This does not mean however that we don’t think you should have the good stuff you want too! In fact we want you to have it all!