Begin Your Assessment

To begin, we ask that you complete the Assessment Form either by filling in the form, or submitting a conversational video in which you simply answer the forms questions.

The Assessment Form

The Assessment Form is designed to get to know who you are. You have the option to print the form, write in the answers, and send back via email, or to cut and paste the questions & answers directly to be filled out and sent via email. As an alternative you can submit the answers to the assessment questions by submitting a video. We actually prefer it! All submissions can be sent to


Mindfulness Scale

Mindfulness simply refers to one’s awareness of the present moment. When we are being mindful we are paying attention, on purpose, and without judgement. Knowledge and experience with Mindfulness or like principles is not required for success. There are no good or bad answers, no right or wrong, just answer as honestly as you can. We use this scale simply to catch a glimpse into your inner dialogue.  Participating is fun and easy. Click on the link above and begin now! 

The Video (Optional)

What better way to get to know someone then to see them in action! For those of you who hate filling out forms and enjoy the limelight, you can submit a video of yourself answering the questions instead. Videos can be submitted to the following email address with the subject: Video Assessment