We are mental & behavioral wellness specialists, trained professionals in the fields of psychology, clinical social work, wellness, fitness, performance, nutrition, health, and integrated medicine. We specialize in the facilitation of holistic health, healing, growth, change, and the accomplishment of personal, and professional goals & objectives. Having studied extensively the mind and the body for years, and worked with clients for decades to help them improve their mental & physical health, we have taken all that we know works, and is evidenced based, to empower serious, long term change in any area of one’s life.


Simply put we offer an opportunity for you to build the life you truly want most! Through an extensive lifestyle evaluation, our team of both clinical & wellness professionals work to assess the distance between where you are, and where it is you want to be. Based on our findings we ultimately build a map tailored just for you, to get you where you want to go. Our team is lead by experienced and clinically trained therapists, not as therapists, however, as consultants. Client’s receive ongoing, 24/7 access, direction, & support from their consultant, as well as a whole team of wellness professionals ready to help make their desires for an improved life a reality. Our wellness team is a truly remarkable group of professionals, experts in everything from meditation & yoga, to tech therapy, nutrition, exercise science, bio-hacking, communication, executive functioning & vocational support, and financial management! Every member of our team undergo extensive training in mindfulness, bio-psychology, the mechanics of change, motivation & change, and in coaching fundamentals, prior to working with clients.

Our system works because we understand the psychology of change. During our targeted yet comprehensive assessment we gather as much relevant information as we can to determine exactly what you will need to achieve what it is you want…even if what you want is to discover what it is you want! Our Integrated Wellness Coaches are your support! They will take the plan you & your consultant have prepared and make it come to life!

We help clients change the way they think, feel, and interact with every aspect of their lives. Whether its food, diet, health, weight loss, body image, finances, career, relationships, family, romance, medical challenges, or anything else, we can support you in getting where you want to go!

Working with our team of professionals there is no limit to what is possible! Whether you are an individual, group, or organization we offer you an individualized experience tailored to meet your personal and professional needs, goals, and desires. Our techniques have been used successfully in the context of mental & physical health and wellness, fitness, organizational change, and executive & performance coaching. We stick to science, evidence based techniques, that works time and time again…no exceptions!


If you have ever tried to make even the slightest change to your routine, be it quit the late night snacking, or waking up early to get to the gym, you know just how difficult and complicated change really is. The truth is change only happens one way! To make a change we must bring our attention to the here and now and make a different choice then we ever have before! That’s it. Thats the secret! Its really that simple, and yet not quite so easy! In order to make change possible we have to begin the integration of a new, more favorable habit. In order to make change stick our work is to develop new neuropathways in the brain that will over time, automate the new behaviors!

Similarly to learning a new language, the fastest and most effective way to accomplish this is through immersion (moving to Spain vs. studying Spanish one hour a week). All clients begin by working with their consultant, as the driver of the change. The wellness team then supports on the ground, in our clients day to day lives to make this new way of living stick in the most comfortable way possible for each client! The wellness team teaches clients how to take what they are learning and make it a part of their lives.

We support any type of improvement in ones life experience…with no judgement. We know how hard life can feel. Sometimes even the smallest challenges can seem too big or too overwhelming! Our professional team is there at every step of the process to ensure that they have the level of support needed to close the gap from where they are to wherever it is they want to be.


Mindfulness is…



Mindfulness is Awareness. Change comes through wisdom…knowing. Amidst a success obsessed culture we have been taught to believe in the tangible, the measurable…the outcomes. We’ve been told that achieving, getting what we want, will bring us happiness and fulfillment. In turn we have unknowingly adopted a position of powerlessness. A victim mentality.

With so much of our daily lives out of our control, and armed with the misguided belief that things have to go our way to be happy, we spend most of our time feeling victimized by the world around us. Slow drivers, news alerts, emails from an annoying boss, a husband who drinks more than we’d like, become the identified “problem”.”If they/it would just change, then I could be happy”. We then do what we can to force the circumstances to change, believing that this is the only way that we can feel better. Our only recourse is to use force, action, or manipulation, to change the circumstances that are displeasing to us!

What we don’t realize is that our power is not in what we say, and do! It is in what we do with out attention. Everything starts as a thought. Everything we have ever lived began as an idea. Noone has any control over your inner world, other than you. Even though our first reaction may be automatic, what thoughts come next can be a choice. When we give something our attention we invite it into our experience. We ask it to dance with us! When we do not give it our attention, we close the door on its effect on our mood. We close the door on its effect on our lives. Now we have power!

As we are now learning through science, what matters most is not what we can see and is not circumstances …but what we don’t see…the way that we think, the way that we feel, and the way that we perceive the world around us.

alignment 3.jpg


Mindfulness means Alignment. When we are aligned our mind & body are operating as one, with no interference, in the here and now! Athletes call this “Being in the zone”, or “In the flow”. Here we move with laser sharp precision, focus, ease, and trust in ourselves. There is no resistance from within, no fear, no worry, no anger or sadness, etc., In this present state of mind we have access to the best version of ourselves! This is where we are our most creative, talented, communicative, effective, productive, passionate, insightful, and knowledgeable…the most unapologetically who we really are…the most ourselves.

Living in a perpetual state of alignment happens when we learn to let go of our “should’s”, our people pleasing, our insecurity and fear, in favor of living our lives in accordance with what we think is best, what we think is right, & what we have discerned feels like the right fit for us. Many of us have lost site of who we are. We’ve spent hours thinking about what we “should” do, what others want for us, what others want from us, or what we think we “should have” done.



Mindfulness means Allowing. Even though we may desire to feel better, allowing ourselves to feel better can be much tougher then one might think. Once a pattern of negative thoughts and emotions is established, opening the door to a more positive outlook can feel nearly impossible. Maybe we don’t think we deserve to feel better, or it just feels too hard to look away from what’s bothering us. There is too much wrong, too much injustice to let it go. Way too often we dwell in the past, looking back at what happened to us, or we dwell in the future, thinking ahead to what we are afraid might happen next. We have developed a problem orientation, habitually searching, scanning, looking into our lives trying to find what is wrong…where the problem was, is, or will be.

We fail to see how our choices, long standing routines, and repeated focus on what is “wrong”, interferes not only with our ability to see what’s “right” in our lives, but with our ability to feel better, perform at a higher level, and to be, do, or have what we want most.

Quick to point our what circumstances are displeasing to us, we simply do not see how what we are doing is holding us apart from feeling good. We then do not realize just how important allowing good feelings is to our practical success. We are too close to see the truth…that we are the ones keeping ourselves stuck!

Learning how to allow good feelings means exactly that…learning how to let go of our problem focus, in favor of feeling the way we want to feel first! What if we decided to feel good, for the sake of feeling good? What if we decided to ignore what has been driving us crazy? Can we empower ourselves to focus on the aspects of life we enjoy, the people we love, the things we appreciate, even when the circumstances in front of us are displeasing?